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Digital Printing
Perfection, down to the dot!

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Roop Signs is equipped to deliver high resolution digital prints in three different media and printing methodologies: Solvent, Eco Solvent and UV.

Solvent prints are most suitable for hardwearing outdoor applications like billboards, unipoles, bus shelters, foot over-bridge displays, public utilities, day & night signage, etc.

Eco/Green Solvent prints are perfect for use in translites, vinyl panels, in-shop branding units, floor-graphics (for public service areas in utilities like Metro stations), fleet graphics (for branding on transport vehicles), and roll-up/portable standees for retail/event situations. Wallpapers on different materials -- ranging from sun-board to canvas -- can be custom-designed & produced even for individuals or small retail orders.

At Roop, UV printing is versatile enough to be executed on a wide range of surfaces like ACP sheets, MDF, sun-board, acrylic, yupo translite fixtures, textiles cotton and polyester, canvas, and even ceramic tiles!

Signage Solutions
The international standard!

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Roop Signs can deliver virtually every type of Back-lit and Front-lit signage solution to meet specific requirements.

These include customized LED channel letters in aluminium, stainless steel or acrylic, using the bender. Signage on sun-board. Flex glow signs. ACP signage. Slim light boxes. Show window graphics. Fire exit signage. Building and reception signage. Even dynamic moving signage on unipoles.

3D signage is an exciting new addition. Depending upon the design, it can integrate multiple layers of different media in a unique eye-catching format.

Laser/CNC Router Cutting
Razor sharp communication!

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Roop Signs’ expertise in this area covers both working with diverse materials as well as its ability to deliver a wide variety of finished products.

On one hand, the company can offer products developed from materials like acrylic to aluminium and ACP.

On the other, using the ultra precise CNC router, it can successfully produce even challenging sculptural 3D shapes like human forms and different objects!

The same expertise enables Roop to offer intricate mesh (‘jali’) sections that are today being used extensively in office & home interiors, as well as outdoor applications like fancy fencing & facades. These design sections can be rendered in the material of the customer’s choice -- aluminium sheet, Corian stone, MDF board, aluminium composite panel (ACP), or any other.

Events Exhibitions
Powerful visible support for your every project!

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From exhibitions to seminars, from promotions to road-shows, Roop has a whole range of printing and display solutions to offer.

These include high quality digital prints for exhibitions. A choice of conference backdrops, either of digital prints equipped with magnetic fixtures, or of polyester fabric with Velcro fasteners. Canopies for road-shows. Roll-up standees and banner stands for product promotion. Large drop-down danglers for shopping malls. Display skirting around venues like sports grounds. Unique Inflatable entry gates in polyester fabric. Colourful marquee tents for celebratory events.

3D Letters
The added dimension of impact!

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A specialized product, whose popularity is growing rapidly, Roop Signs can design and deliver three-dimensional channel letters in steel, wood, aluminium and acrylic -- to precise customer requirements. For example, steel letters with powder coating, or wooden letters with polish/coating can be provided.

Illumination, through surface lighting or by high quality LED units installed inside the letters, greatly enhances the impact of such branding signage wherever these are installed.

Name Plates
Announce yourself!

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Roop offers these in diverse materials as specified by customers. These can be produced in acrylic, aluminium, Corian stone, sun-board, or any other material of choice.

The company has tied up with Signet of Spain to supply the world’s finest quality name plates and directional signage systems. These versatile products can be used with convenient interchangeable name slips or directional content.

Led Slim Display Frames

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The thickness of magnet ultra-thin lightbox is only 10.5 mm with side lightguide design adopted. Alluminium profile is used for surrounding edge and the angle is 45 degrees. With the light source turned on, there will be a colorful and gourgeous view. Optical Mitsubishi acrylic light guide plate (LGP) is fully adopted to achieve good-looking and ultra-thin appearance. The internal LED light source will lead to more safe and energy-saving use of product with the service life increased. The manufacture and installation processes are convenient and the picture replacement is easier. There are many ways of placement, including wall-mounted method or common placement. Despite the factor above mentioned, there are many additional advantages are available.