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Digital Printing
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Iso Roop Signs is equipped to deliver high resolution digital prints in three different media and printing methodologies: Solvent, Eco Solvent and UV. Solvent prints are most suitable for hardwearing outdoor applications like billboards, unipoles, bus shelters, foot over-bridge displays, public utilities, day & night signage, etc.

Eco/Green Solvent prints are perfect for use in translites, vinyl panels, in-shop branding units, floor-graphics (for public service areas in utilities like Metro stations), fleet graphics (for branding on transport vehicles), and roll-up/portable standees for retail/event situations. Wallpapers on different materials -- ranging from sun-board to canvas -- can be custom-designed & produced even for individuals or small retail orders.

At Roop, UV printing is versatile enough to be executed on a wide range of surfaces like ACP sheets, MDF, sun-board, acrylic, yupo translite fixtures, textiles cotton and polyester, canvas, and even ceramic tiles!